ISBN 9781920596200
Pages 58
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2016
Publisher Southern African Migration Programme, South Africa
Format Paperback

Informal Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Trade in Maputo, Mozambique

by Ines Raimundo, Abel Chikanda

This report presents the results of a SAMP survey of informal entrepreneurs connected to cross-border trade between Johannesburg and Maputou during 2014. The study sought to enhance the evidence base on the links between migration and informal entrepreneur-ship in Southern African cities and to examine the implications for municipal, national and regional policy.

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About the Authors

Ines Raimundo

Ines Raimundo is the former Director of the Centre for Policy Analysis and Deputy Director of Post-Graduation in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo.

Abel Chikanda

Abel Chikanda is Assistant Professor of Geography and African & African American Studies at the University of Kansas.

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