ISBN 9789788431060
Pages 336
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Safari Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Perspectives on Nigeria's Economic Development Volume II

by Pascal G. Dozie

Nigeria has experienced significant economic progress since publication in 1999 of the first edition of Perspectives on Nigerian Economic Development. Two main drivers of this progress have been the beneficial return to democratic rule and the implementation of key economic reforms, particularly in pursuing external debt relief, implementing excess crude account to stabilize revenue volatility, introducing contributory pension schemes and taking steps to privatize key sectors such as telecommunications. This volume is focused on issues relating to good political and corporate governance and national development; budget and fiscal policy; the Nigerian financial and capital markets and banking. Part one deals with the issues of globalisation and how Nigeria can play in the emergent environment. Part two (Managing the Nigerian Economy), Part three (Strengthening the Nigerian Banking Sector and Part Four (Entrepreneurship and Corporate Governance) proffers ways and means of handling these intertwined aspects of national challenges. The final part - Key Sector Issues deals with three vital areas - Education, Transportation, and Oil and Gas.

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About the Author

Pascal G. Dozie

Pascal G. Dozie is the founder and former Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank PLC, Nigeria. He is currently Chairman of MTN Nigeria and is a founding partner of Africa Capital Alliance. the first Nigerian private equity fund manager.

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