ISBN 9782869782280
Pages 92
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2008
Publisher CODESRIA, Senegal
Format Paperback

The Economic and Social Impact of Privatisation of State-owned Enterprises in Africa

by Mike I. Obadan

The case for privatization, whether defined in a broad or narrow sense, has been forcefully made by its advocates against the backdrop of the much advertised poor performances of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and theoretical arguments relating to the efficiency of private firms over public enterprises. Consequently, privatization and commercialization have been key components of the structural adjustment programmes foisted by the Bretton Woods institutions on Third World countries. Yet, the empirical findings on privatization, especially outside Africa where they exist, do not portray the strategy to be a panacea that works in all circumstances in all branches of economic activity. In spite of this, since the late 1980s, privatization has been stepped up in almost all African countries. And after about two decades of vigorous implementation of privatization programmes in Africa, there is a compelling need for a comprehensive and systematic analysis of various privatization issues, particularly the economic and social impact.

This book thus establishes a clear case for a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the impact of privatization in Africa. Specifically, the book provides a state-of-the art review of privatization issues and research questions as a prelude to an in-depth study of the economic and social impact of privatization. In the light of the rich insights brought to bear on the issues, this book should stimulate the interest of researchers, donors and policy makers to undertake or support the follow-up in-depth research envisaged.

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About the Author

Mike I. Obadan

Mike I. Obadan is a Professor of Economics and former Director-General of the Nigerian Centre for Economic Management and Administration, Ibadan, Nigeria. He has also served as President of the Nigerian Economic Society and contributed significantly to societal development through consultancy services to various national and international organizations. A Fellow of the Nigerian Economic Society and the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria, Professor Obadan has published extensively in the areas of macroeconomics, international trade, finance and development issues. He is currently the Chairman of the Economic Policy Analysis Network of the Harare-based African Capacity Building Foundation’s Technical Advisory Panels and Networks (TAP-NETs).

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