ISBN 9780797495500
Pages 86
Dimensions 210 x 140 mm
Published 2018
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback


by Jackson Matimba

This collection by Zimbabwean poet, Jackson Matimba, gives us spellbinding insights into life. The poems carry various themes; "Sentiments of the earth" focuses on global warming and the aspects of our lifestyle which are effecting the climate of the world. The diary of a soldier" speaks of the emotional challenges that every soldier experiences when away from home, and also the problems faced by family during long absences from home. The poet also tackles the issues of migration in the poem, "Sentiments of migration".

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About the Author

Jackson Matimba

Jackson Matimba is a Zimbabwean writer, born 1978. He enjoys reading poetry from all over the world, and in particular, the works from the modern day Zimbabwean poets. Sentiments is his third poetry book after The Nature of my Signature (2016) and Weaving away the Poetry Basket (2017. His other works also appear in several poetry anthologies including; Experimental Writing: Africa vs Latin America, Zimbolicious Poetry; Best New African Poets 2015 and Zimbolicious Poetry Volume 2

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