ISBN 9789956558674
Pages 134
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2009
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Lord of Anomy

by Basil Diki

In 1875 the Rozvi Kingdom, now in present day Zimbabwe, is indistinctly besieged from within by the convergence of a missionary, Rev. Holbrook, a militant British bourgeoisie aspiring for knighthood, Sir Crowler, and an immorally amorous war emissary allegedly from King Cetshwayo of the feared Zulu Kingdom. The ‘Zulu’ ambassador uncompromisingly makes painstaking demands. While Rev. Holbrook is earnest in his endeavours, Sir Crowler is adamant the natives are enemies of both God and Britain meant for annihilation. The elders cannot consult the oracles; all diviners having fled before the arrival of the foreigners. An enigmatic and malicious hermit comes to the fore in the calamitous confusion that ensues. But nobody can tell with certainty if the hermit is messianic or anarchical.

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“Basil Diki’s scant and expert use of poetry, eclogue and juxtaposition of contradictory elements is masterly. The play’s level of debate is highly judicial and academic. The story itself provokes debate, both academic and religious, while enhancing judgmental skills. …. The play offers ethnographic elements with regards the Rozvi of present day Zimbabwe and the Zulu of South Africa. …. This is undoubtedly great scholarly work…. The Lord of Anomy is a brilliant, unforgettable and gripping classic masterpiece.”

Dr. W. Mupamombe Chuma, Senior English Lecturer, Midlands State University, Gweru Zimbabwe

“… a gripping dramatization of the age old conflict between African Traditional Religion and Christianity, has the makings of a family saga with its court intrigues, the problematic of fratricide and the struggle for hegemony which situates the drama within a historical and allegorical context.”

Dr. Roselyne M. Jua, Senior Lecturer in American Literature, University of Buea, Cameroon

About the Author

Basil Diki

Basil Diki, born in Kadoma, Zimbabwe in 1971, is an iconic prolific dramatist who has written, performed and directed numerous plays. In 1988 he pioneered the founding of Rimuka Performing Arts, a theatre company, and in 1991 founded Kadoma Actors and Writers Organisation. He has won several awards for his daring and outstanding dramaturge, notably the 2001 Writing & Publishing Award, Special Mention; Poetry and Drama from the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association for the play The Tribe of Graves. In 2004 he won the Best Achievement & Production Award from the Zimbabwe Invitational Drama Festival Society for directing his play Behind the Façade. He is an entrepreneur and a freelance Total Quality Management practitioner. Father to a son and two daughters, he still leaves in the City of Kadoma as a celebrated thespian, drama critic and adjudicator.

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