ISBN 9789964705701
Pages 370
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2016
Publisher Afram Publications, Ghana
Format Paperback

African Girl

The Awakening

by Kezia Dzifa Awadzi

Dzigbordi Dzordzome, a young woman from a strict Ghanaian home, struggles between the desire to forge her own identity, please her parent, and marry her college sweetheart Maxwell Owusu. Dzigbordi eventually leaves for the US, where she has to adjust to the realities of a culture she has imagined from books and movies. Her friendships and experiences in the US inevitably affect her relationships back in Ghana, and change her perceptions of herself and her homeland.

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About the Author

Kezia Dzifa Awadzi

Kezia Dzifa Awadzi is an associate Professor at Santa Fe College, Gainesville FL.