ISBN 9781928433194
Pages 316
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2021
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

The School Gates

by Fiona Snyckers

"We know what's best for our children."

Burnt out after years as a professional dancer, Ella Burchell moves to a small town on the KwaZulu Natal north coast hoping to rebuild her life. Things look up when she gets a job teaching dance to children at a for-profit private school.

But Ella hasn't reckoned with the cabal of private-school mums who run the Pines Academy as their own personal fiefdom. Circling into cliques at the school gates every morning, the mums are a force to be reckoned with.

Soon Ella is too busy fielding their demands to concentrate on her own troubles. Distraction arrives in the form of an attractive cricket coach, but Ella hardly has time to pay attention.

Fun, fast-paced and hilarious, this novel by an award-winning author skewers the world of private-school privilege.

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About the Author

Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers has written novels across multiple genres. In 2020, her novel Lacuna won the South African Literary Award for best novel and the NIHSS Award for best fiction by a single author. The School Gates is the third book in a loose trilogy of novels that includes Now Following You and SPIRE. She lives in Johannesburg with her family.