ISBN 9789966702005
Pages 144
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2015
Publisher Syokimau Cultural Centre, Kenya
Format Paperback


by Muli wa Kyendo

Whispers is the emotive story of Josephine, a young woman who gets caught up in a dramatic struggle for existence in the city. Brought up by a protective grandmother, Josephine leaves her rural home and gets a well-paid job as personal secretary.  But she soon realizes that a young and promising woman requires much more than high speeds in shorthand and typing. Trapped between reality of what she should do and what she would like to do, Josephine plunges into a desperate search for meaning in her life and for her own identity.

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About the Author

Muli wa Kyendo

Muli wa Kyendo is an author and the founder of Syokimau Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization which promotes culture, research and writing as a conservation method. The Centre's project, the Syokimau Cultural Center and Museum is a UNESCO World Decade for Cultural Development activity. His early books include Whispers and The Surface Beneath (Longman). He has also written and published children story books and plays. The play, The Woman of Nzaui was performed to great media acclaim.