ISBN 9780987028266
Pages 162
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2015
Publisher Deep South, South Africa
Format Paperback

Call it a difficult night

by Mishka Hoosen

I was grateful for the death sentence the doctors gave me. It meant no more words, no more summons ringing out in hallucinations and fevers, an end neat as the edge of the world, where the sun drops into the sea. I walked through the world saying goodbye with a clean heart.

They hollowed my bones for flight. My life moves in me there, urgent as air. There is language that comes up spare and bright as bone from a break. It stands beneath us like rock in the place where there is nothing else left. It is the language of nothing more.

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About the Author

Mishka Hoosen

Mishka Hoosen was born in Johannesburg. She completed high school at Interlochen Arts Academy in the USA, and did an MA in Creative Writing at Rhodes University. She is currently studying anthropology, with special interests in gender, violence, trauma, and folklore. Call it a difficult night, published in 2015, is her first book. She won the ‘best story’ award in the 2017 Short.Sharp.Stories anthology for her story ‘Wedding Henna’.

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