ISBN 9789956558261
Pages 208
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2008
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

ICT and Changing Mindsets in Education

edited by Kathryn Toure, Therese M.S. Tchombe, Thierry Karsenti

The debate is no longer whether to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in education in Africa but how to do so, and how to ensure equitable access for teachers and learners, whether in urban or rural settings. This is a book about how Africans adopt and adapt ICT. It is also about how ICT shape African schools and classrooms. Why do we use ICT, or not? Do girls and boys use them in the same ways? How are teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in Africa using ICT in teaching and learning? How does the process transform relations among learners, educators and knowledge construction? This collection by 19 researchers from Africa, Europe, and North America, explores these questions from a pedagogical perspective and specific socio-cultural contexts. Many of the contributors draw on learning theory and survey data from 36 schools, 66000 students and 3000 teachers. The book is rich in empirical detail on the perceived importance and appropriation of ICT in the development of education in Africa. It critically examines the potential for creative use of ICT to question habits, change mindsets, and deepen practice. The contributions are in both English and French.

Aujourd’hui la question n’est plus de savoir s’il faut ou non utiliser les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) dans l’éducation en Afrique, mais plutôt de choisir comment les utiliser, en assurant un accès équitable aux enseignants et aux apprenants, filles et garçons, aussi bien en milieu rural qu‘en milieu urbain. Ce livre présente les résultats d’un collectif de 19 chercheurs venant d’Afrique, d’Europe et d’Amérique du Nord qui ont visité 36 écoles et plusieurs cafés internet dans cinq pays afin de répondre à la question de comment les TIC sont utilisées et comment ses utilisateurs s’en sont emparés, ou non, et avec quels effets. Cet ouvrage sera utile aux directeurs d’écoles, aux responsables des systèmes éducatifs, aux enseignants, aux chercheurs, aux parents ainsi qu’à toute autre personne intéressée par l’éducation. Les auteurs portent un regard critique sur le potentiel d'utilisation créative des TIC pour questionner les habitudes, changer les mentalités, et approfondir les pratiques pédagogiques.

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About the Editors

Kathryn Toure

Kathryn Toure, PhD in education, is a researcher and writer. She promotes the circulation of African worldviews and facilitates community inquiry to deepen understandings of her/history and culture.

Therese M.S. Tchombe

Professor Therese M.S. Tchombe, member of ERNWACA, is Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Buea in Cameroon.

Thierry Karsenti

Professor Thierry Karsenti of the University of Montreal holds the Canada Research Chair in Information and Communition Technology (ICT) in Education.

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