ISBN 9781552500088
Pages 296
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2004
Publisher CODESRIA, Senegal
Format Paperback

Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Africa. Vol. 3

Network Institutions of Learning - SchoolNet

edited by Tina James

Volume three in the series on ICTs for development in Africa documents the processes used and institutions created to bring computers and connectivity into schools. These initiatives are designed as a means to improve the use and integration of ICTs into learning and teaching, and ultimately to empower African communities to apply new information and communication technologies to their own social and economic development. The study explores a range of project, administrative and cultural settings and a wide variety of technical solutions.

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About the Editor

Tina James

Tina James serves on United Nations Economic Commission for Africa's African Technical Advisory Committee for the African Information Society Initiative.

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