ISBN 9789966258380
Pages 178
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2012
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

End of Arrogance

Africa and the West - Understanding their differences

by Hemult Danner

What determines the African social structure? What does this mean for the ethical orientation? Can the African Spirituality be considered to be metaphysical? Conversely, what are the foundations of the west that determine society, religion, politics and science? What do the mental and cultural differences mean for the relationship between Africa and the West? What impact do they specifically have on development cooperation?

These are some of the questions Danner attempts to grapple with in End of Arrogance: Africa and the West - Understanding their differences. A critical and honest observer will often notice a subtle condescension by Westerners towards Africans and resentment on the part of Africans towards the West. Where does this tensed and unfortunate relationship originate from? There are two essential reasons: Africa and the West have a common history that can neither be forgotten nor forgiven by Africans - contempt, subjugation, and exploitation through slave trade, missionary, and colonization. Neither have been able to appreciate or understand the cultural and mental orientation of each other. An approach of mutual understanding - contrary to quantitative measuring - might help counter the arrogance of the West and the distrust by Africans.

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About the Author

Hemult Danner

Hemult Danner is a German scholar. He has doctrates in Philosophy and Education and is a prolific author of books and articles in philosophy of education and in development.

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