ISBN 9789789185276
Pages 398
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2018
Publisher Kraft Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Heroism and Critical Consciousness in African Literature

by Udenta O. Udenta

Heroism and Critical Consciousness in African Literature which was originally published in 1994 as Ideological Sanction and Social Action in African Literature is a stimulating discourse on the subjectivisation of the heroic type in African literature as a product of historical and social forces and processes and the location of aesthetic consciousness that is undergirded by textual production and critical positioning. Rich in intertextual analysis and sequences of meta-commentary the book is both an excavation of the dialectical relationship between the ‘materiality’ of heroism across wide geographic sites and historical periods and its aesthetic re-functioning in African textual productions as well as the problematisation of the place of ‘critical’ consciousness in African dystopian texts.

The author’s extensive revisions in preparation of this new edition and the incorporation of a new part which was written between 2014 and 2015 updates this contribution to African literary and cultural scholarship their future directions.

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About the Author

Udenta O. Udenta

Udenta O. Udenta is Director with the Centre for Alternative Policy Perspectives and Strategy (CAPPS), Abuja, Nigeria, he was, at various times, a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Igbo Studies/School of Humanities at Abia State University, a pro-democracy/human rights activist, a National Secretary of one of Nigeria's leading political parties between 1998-2000 and a Director with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), The Presidency, Abuja (2001-2009). 

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