ISBN 9789956764624
Pages 264
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2017
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Repressed Expressed

Novel Perspectives on African and Black Diasporic Literature

edited by Bill F. Ndi, Adaku T. Ankumah, Benjamin Hart Fishkin

Through multiple points of resistance, The Repressed Expressed underscores how hard it is to build a community in any nation with no beneficial qualities of hope and transparency. This informative collection of essays highlights that wherever stability and order are lacking, the universal appeal is to express that which is suppressed. Also, like a map or guidebook, The Repressed Expressed indicates how people in such geographical prisons strive to transform their agitation into spiritual and political pathways, free of pain and hurt from, and anger towards a dirty and corrupted world. It thus, underpins discord and brings to the fore the authority’s penchant for heaping abuse upon those caused to live in fear. In short, The Repressed Expressed is an impressive compilation of literary evidence informing scholarship on opinions and beliefs relating to repression, its expression, and the immeasurable associated cost.

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About the Editors

Bill F. Ndi

Dr. Bill F. Ndi, poet, playwright, storyteller, critic, translator & Fellow of The Booker T. Washington Leadership Institute is an American-Southern Cameroonian who was educated at GBHS Bamenda & Essos, the University of Yaoundé, Nigeria: ABSU, Paris: ISIT, the Sorbonne, Paris VIII & Cergy-Pontoise where he obtained his doctorate degrees in Languages: Translation and Languages, Literatures and Contemporary Civilizations. He has held teaching positions at the Paris School of Languages, the University of the Sunshine Coast at Sippy Downs, the University of Queensland, Brisbane, St Lucia and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He is presently Professor of Modern Languages, Communication and Philosophy at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA.

Adaku T. Ankumah

Dr. Adaku T. Ankumah is an Associate Professor of English at Tuskegee University. Her research interests focus inter alia on revolutionary playwrights from the African Diaspora and on gender and politics in the works of African women authors.

Benjamin Hart Fishkin

Dr Benjamin Hart Fishkin is an Assistant Professor of English at Tuskegee University.  He has won several distinguished awards, amongst which, the Buford Boone Memorial Fellowship, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Scholarship Award and the George Mills Harper Graduate Student Travel Award.

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