ISBN 9789785487022
Pages 288
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2017
Publisher Kwara State University Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Literature, Integration and Harmony in Northern Nigeria

edited by Saeedat B. Aliyu, Reuben K. Akano, Hamzat I. Abdulraheem

This book explores from various perspectives how the literature of the northern region of Nigeria has promoted the ideology of integration and societal resurgence. Through the diverse cultural productions from this very heterogenous socio-political region, researchers have dissected the portrayals and characterisations of ideologies which foster harmony among the people who speak a multitude of languages and have an array of cultural practices. These contributions bring to the fore the multiple roles that both indigenous literary productions and those adapted from foreign elements have played in realising social and cultural integration and advancing collective values of the people of Northern Nigeria.

This collection of essays is the result of a selection of scholarly contributions to two national conferences on Literature on Northern Nigeria held at the Kwara State University, Malete in 2015 and 2016.

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About the Editor

Hamzat I. Abdulraheem

Hamzat I. Abdulraheem is a professor of the Literature in the Department of Languages and Literary Studies, Kwara State University, Nigeria. 

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