ISBN 9789990816426
Pages 92
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2001
Publisher Kachere Series, Malawi
Format Paperback

Jubilee Reflections. Rich and Poor in Christian Perspective

Rich and Poor in Christian Perspective

by Rodney Schofield

An Anglican priest, missionary and theologian who was involved in the Jubliee 2000 campaign - a church-led, world-wide initiative to cancel Third World debt - reflects on the achievements of the movement and the economic, political and moral considerations it generated. Founded against perceived unfair IMF structural adjustment policies, Jubilee 2000 emerged from a grassroots level to become a global protest movement for the cancellation of debt.

The author assesses the problem with an open mind drawing its in complexities. He asks, for example, how far the colonial powers have unfulfilled obligations to the developing world; what to do about its growing elite which, corruption fuelled, discourages rich nations to provide assistance; and he begs the question, will debt relief necessarily bring about poverty reduction? He brings the Christian perspective, the theological basis for Christian aid, to the debate, arguing it offers essential moral guidance.

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