ISBN 9789781294976
Pages 540
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 1998
Publisher HEBN Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

War and Peace in Yorubaland 1793-1893

edited by Adeagbo Akinjogbin

Whilst there is existing literature on Yorubaland in the nineteenth century, it has not taken a global, comprehensive look at the causes, course and consequences of the wars. Nor has it considered the changes - peaceful or cataclysmic - after one hundred years of peace. With a view to filling this gap, a centenary conference of the 1886 Kirji/Ekiti Parapo Peace Treaty was held, with the prime objective of examining the socio-political and economic development of Yorubaland in the age of revolutionary wars. The premise is that whilst three kingdoms were destroyed, and forced migrations produced terrible suffering, nonetheless there were positive outcomes. New kingdoms and towns were founded - Abeokuta, Ibadan and New Oyo - and the end result was greater cultural cohesion of Yorubaland through the integration of the refugees. The four sections in the book group the papers from the conference into War and Peace in Yorubaland; the Generals and their War Tactics; External Involvement and the Search for Peace; and The Political and Cultural Consequences.
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