ISBN 9789988298067
Pages 210
Dimensions 178mm x 108mm
Published 2019
Publisher Education Logistics (Gh) Ltd, Ghana
Format Paperback

No Vengeance

by Kwasi Koranteng

Colonel Barlow had cheated death many years back. He had been forced into exile by the man who had wanted him dead at the time of the uprising. He is back and must meet his adversary. He has returned with his son Kit, a battle tested soldier. Why does Sonday refuse to meet him face to face? Does he fear reprisal? And what is the cause of his nightmares? Meanwhile where is the blue diamond ring?

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About the Author

Kwasi Koranteng

Kwasi Koranteng has authored over twelve titles with some winning awards such as the Valco Fund Literary Award and the Ghana Book Award. Kwasi stories for children and young adults.

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