ISBN 9789964303051
Pages 180
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2004
Publisher Ghana University Press, Ghana
Format Paperback

African Universities, The Private Sector and Civil Society

Forging Partnerships for Development

edited by George Bennh

Global trends have led to a marked decline in the role of the state in the development of African economies, which has in turn brought into question the traditional role of the university. The universities are themselves facing serious challenges to respond to the so-called global knowledge economy and changing labour requirements. Against this background, the African Regional Council of the International Association of University Presidents held a conference on the universities, civil society and the private sector, bringing together heads of universities, representatives from other educational bodies, NGOs and government bodies, UNECA and civil society institutions from the sub-region. The book brings together a collection of papers based on this conference. The major themes are higher education, industry and business partnerships; science and technology in African development; higher education and informal sector partnership; higher education and NGO partnerships; and 'promoting the culture of peace' and the role of the African university.

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