ISBN 9789781565922
Pages 176
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2003
Publisher Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Secret Cults in Nigerian Tertiary

by Daniel Offiong

Campus cultism pervades Nigerian higher educational institutions. It is producing a culture of fear and speculation and hindering academic pursuits. The malevolent nature of the cultists manifests itself in people being disfigured, raped and killed. This book examines the role of the education institutions, religion, the courts, examination bodies, government policies and the military, in propagating the cults. The author contends that the cultism in the universities is embedded in Nigerian society more widely; and that the universities may be considered microcosms of Nigeria at large and its problems. He proposes solutions to combat cultism, but maintains that any solutions must be accompanied by a general overhaul of the country's inefficient and kleptocratic systems.

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About the Author

Daniel Offiong

Daniel Offiong is a sociologist who has lectured in Nigerian and American universities, and is currently Professor of Sociology at Clark Atlanta University.

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