ISBN 9789988647384
Pages 342
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations and Maps
Published 2010
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

An Ethnographic Study of Northern Ghanaian Conflicts

Towards a Sustainable Peace

by Albert K. Awedoba

Conflict in Northern Ghana appears to be increasing in amplitude and frequency and its effects are getting more devastating. It is the view of this book that The Government of Ghana and civil society organisations involved in aspects of conflict management have approached peace issues in the region with an inadequate understanding of the local issues that divide and unite the people, or using sufficient resources to preemt conflict. In 2003 The Mole V summit was held in Damongo to discuss strategic directions for comprehensive development and poverty reduction in Northern Ghana as a mechanism for supporting conflict management. It is the aim of this publication to contribute to the proposed plan by suggesting past and current conflict management resources and mechanisms which could be employed. The suggestions are informed by surveys, which are outlined in the book, of particular conflicts in the three northern Regions of Ghana between 2006 and 2008 - their histories, causes and efforts and their resolution.

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About the Author

Albert K. Awedoba

Albert K. Awedoba is a social anthropologist and Deputy Director of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. The other contributors include Emmanuel Ayyeampong, Esi Sutherland, and Richard Rathbone.

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