ISBN 9789966846303
Pages 292
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
Published 2006
Publisher University of Nairobi Press, Kenya
Format Paperback

An Introductory History of Education

Revised Edition

by Daniel N. Sifuna, James E. Otiende

This book makes a survey of the development of educational theory and practice in the western world up to the twentieth century. A number of educational systems are selected for discussion. There is reference to prehistoric, ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and Hebraic education, all of which have had an important impact on Greek education, Hellenistic education ideals in the Roman Empire, medieval education and the rise of universities. The book gives due consideration to African indigenous education; developments in education in Africa within the colonial context; and post independence educational activities in Africa. The historical context of educational events in Kenya is duly highlighted, leading to the era of the 8-4-4 system of education. A chapter in Islamic Education in Africa is also included with a discussion on the Integration of Islamic and Western Education.

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About the Author

James E. Otiende

James E. Otiende, joint editor and co-ordinator of this text, is a Senior Lecturer in Educational foundations, Kenyatta University.

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