ISBN 9789789799909
Pages 86
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2020
Publisher Yintab Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Rethinking Security Initiatives in Nigeria

by Babafemi Badejo

Administrative Officials left by the departing British officials and in collaboration with some technocrats who were later joined by politicians opted for increased centralization of power and responsibilities in Nigeria. Meanwhile, corruption, widely let loose, ravaged the country. A strong casualty of this trend was policing. In a move that was ostensibly meant to correct the ills of the past, Nigerians thought a centralized police arrangement would create a neutral and impartial agency that would provide security for all. That hope has clearly failed. The federal level of governance has continued to resist these calls that started finding concrete manifestations in the last twenty years. It is within this morass and struggles to ameliorate that one must place the recent tension in Nigeria over whether the Southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria can have what it has referred to as a complementary security outfit, so-called "operation Amotekun".

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About the Author

Babafemi Badejo

Babafemi Badejo, a Political Scientist and Lawyer hails from Nigeria. Badejo, prior to his current role as Head of Political Affairs at the UN Mission in Liberia, served as Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia. Badejo played primary role in the design, negotiation and implementation of the Djibouti Initiative that set up national governance structures for Somalia after decade of civil strife. He also organised and participated in peace accord negotiations among Somali leaders that resulted in the Nairobi Declaration of March 1994.

He has recently published a biography of Raila Odinga, a foremost politician in Kenya. Described as "an excellent introduction for the uninitiated to the complex landscape of Kenyan politics" by Dr. Jeremy Matam Farrall, University of Tasmania, Australia the book will be available from African Books Collective next month.

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