ISBN 9789970027538
Pages 312
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2008
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Genocide by Denial

How Profiteering from HIV/AIDS Killed Millions

by Peter Mugyenyi

Genocide by Denial: How Profiteering from HIV/AIDS Killed Millions traces the carnage of HIV/AIDS from its Ugandan epicentre in the villages of Kasensero, along the shores of Lake Victoria, through sub-Saharan Africa and onto the rest of the world. The author's involvement in the struggle against the virus started in 1989, soon after his return from a long exile in Europe and the Middle East. On arrival he found the disease devastating his country, compelling him to fight the modern-age plague. He became one of the leaders in a protracted fight against the scourge and an advocate for universal access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy. In this book the author exposes the incredible self-indulgence of the pharmaceutical companies and the cold-heartedness of the rich world that turned a blind eye until it was far too late, and then responded too slowly with too little. The book details his challenge to the powerful pharmaceutical companies that insisted on profitable business as usual, ignoring the lives of millions, and his call for more ethical and humanitarian ways of trade, involving crucial life-saving drugs, and a new world order to ensure entitlement of the poor to rapid humanitarian relief.

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About the Author

Peter Mugyenyi

One of the world’s foremost specialists in the field of HIV/AIDS, Professor Mugyenyi is a pediatrician by training. He was key in founding Uganda’s HIV/AIDS Joint Clinical Research Centre and establishing partnerships with other institutions throughout the world.

Although his reputation and expertise would allow him to find a position anywhere in the world, Professor Mugyenyi chose to remain in Kampala, where he feels his work has the most impact.

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