ISBN 9789780231842
Pages 156
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2007
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Globalization and the Third World Economy

Impacts and Challenges in the 21st Century

edited by J.S. Odama, E.A. Aiyedun

This substantial contribution to the debates and analysis of some of the critical issues thrown up by globalisation concentrates particularly on how they pertain to Nigeria and developing countries.

The topics covered are globalisation and the patterns of development in the twentieth century; the nature and meaning of globalisation; the democracy movement and globalisation - Nigeria in perspective; the social and economic impact of globalisation on Nigeria; the socio-cultural impact of globalisation on Nigeria; an analysis of import revenue in Nigeria within the context of globalised trade policy; globalisation - effects on industrial productivity in Nigeria; Nigeria from indigenisation to globalisation; privatisation in a globalised context - the Nigerian experience; globalisation and ecological problems in Nigeria; globalisation and the environment; and the new globalisation era and digitalisation - an economist's perspective.

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About the Editors

J.S. Odama

Professor J.S. Odama is at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Abuja.

E.A. Aiyedun

Dr E. A. Aiyedun is at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Abuja.

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