ISBN 9789976973891
Pages 164
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania
Format Paperback

Local Perspectives on Globalisation

The African Case

edited by Joseph Sebboja, J.V. Mwapachu

These essays review Africa's economic perfomance over the last two decades from a contemporary historical perspective and also the literature. They argue that the problem in East Africa is the lack of integration into a world economy and culture; and simultaneously, the African way of life developing as a hybrid of ideas, values and behaviour which erodes independent/national identities and political and economic life. Coping mechanisms/agents of resistance are under- researched, but will include the national institutions , universities, and the state itself, in promoting the interests of citizens in the globalisation process. The contributors include Professor Luhanga, and Professor Issa Shivji, form the University of Dar es Salaam.

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