ISBN 9781920118471
Pages 52
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
Published 2007
Publisher Idasa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Medical Recruiting

The Case of South African Health Care Professionals

by Christian M. Rogerson

One of the critical challenges facing Africa is how to harness the potential of internal and international migration in the interests of development. The Southern African Migration Project (SAMP) is an international network of organizations founded in 1996 to promote awareness of migration-development linkages in SADC. SAMP conducts applied research on migration and development issues, provides policy advice and expertise, offers training in migration policy and management, and conducts public education campaigns on migration-related issues. Noting that "competing for talent" is recognised as an essential element of international competitiveness in the current world economy, Medical Recruiting: The Case of South African Health Care Professionals, SAMP policy paper no. 45, says a central role is played by private and public sector recruitment agencies in shaping the international mobility of talented or skilled individuals. There has recently been an important and welcome policy shift away from the early reactive ad hoc policy responses to the development of a more comprehensive strategic response that seeks to manage the mobility of health professionals.

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