ISBN 9789991271330
Pages 132
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2004
Publisher Lightbooks Publishers, Botswana
Format Paperback

Perceptions of Citizenship Responsibility Amongst Botswana Youth

by Julia Preece, Dama Mosweuyane

Botswana is widely regarded as a model African democracy. Since independence in 1966, the country has enjoyed unparalleled peace and stability within the African continent. It has also experienced unprecedented changes from being one of the ten poorest countries in the world to its current status as a middle-income country. However, in spite of the advances of the last thirty years, it still experiences high levels of poverty and inequality. Perceived inhibitors to progress are attributed to the younger generation's erosion of traditional values and a collective reluc-tance to take pride in the nation. This book offers an analysis of how the younger generation is reconciling globalisation influences with traditional cultural values and belief systems. It argues that this generation does care about their country, but has changed priorities. It further recom-mends educational interventions that might nurture the bestow Botswana's cultural heritage whilst ensuring an active, democratic citizenry that is relevant to modernity.

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