ISBN 9780964607842
Pages 208
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 1998
Publisher Bellagio Publishing Network, UK
Format Paperback

Publishing and Development

A Book of Readings

edited by Philip G. Altbach

Co-published with the Obor Foundation, this volume of readings is published to assist in worldwide efforts to support publishing in developing countries. Recognising the crucial need for an indigenous publishing industry, the volume illustrates the great variation in the development of publishing across the developing world. The chapters are reprints of key contributions from experts in the field to the main issues, and cover: current trends in book Ppblishing; multinationals and third world publishing; the economics of book publishing; international copyright; distribution: the neglected link in the publishing chain; educational publishing and book provision; the transition from state to commercial publishing systems in African countries; electronic publishing: new technologies and publishing; and publishing in the third world: issues and trends for the twenty- first century.

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