ISBN 9789966251732
Pages 564
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2004
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

Transforming Africa. New Pathways to Development

Selected Papers on Financial Reforms and Development

by Jimnah Mbaru

The principal focus of this book is on the socio-political and economic policies required in Africa for faster and sustainable economic growth and development. A major objective is to lobby for what are, in the author’s view, urgently required reforms to Africa’s economic policies and in the respective roles of state and private sectors, to achieve economic growth. The author argues that unless African economies manage to ‘compress time’ along the lines of the achievements of the tiger economies of South East Asia, the stated objective of industrialisation will not be realised.

The work is organised into sections on: global perspectives on capital markets; stock exchanges and capital markets within the African continent; regional perspectives within the continent; the Nairobi Stock Exchange; the role of the Nairobi Stock Exchange in economic development; education for capital markets; exchange controls and foreign investors; privatisation; financial sector reforms; and the roles of education, women and children, art and culture in development.

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About the Author

Jimnah Mbaru

Jimnah Mbaru is an investment banker, who has contributed significantly to the development of capital markets and financial institutions in Africa. These include the Nairobi Stock Exchange and the Africa Stock Exchanges Association.

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