ISBN 9782869785120
Pages 180
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 2012
Publisher CODESRIA, Senegal
Format Paperback

The Feasibility of the Democratic Developmental State in the South

by Daniel A. Omoweh

The book examines the prospects of a democratic developmental state in Latin American, African and Asian countries, collectively referred to in this work as the global South. Practically, the state refers to the political leadership. Within this context, it interrogates the politics of the state and the unresolved critical issues it has engendered in the state-development discourse such as the need to re-conceptualize the developmental state, democratization, elections, inclusion, indigenous entrepreneurial and business class, political parties and cooperation among the countries of the South. It looks into the need to re-centre the sought state in the development process of the Southern countries after over two and a half decades of embracing neo-liberal policies and economic reforms that, rather than transform, sank the adjusted economies into deeper political, social and economic crises. It contends that the capacity of the state to overcome the market and democratic deficits resides with its democratic credentials. Finally, it suggests strategies that could lead to the rise of a democratic developmental state in the South.

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About the Author

Daniel A. Omoweh

Daniel A. Omoweh is a Professor of International Relations at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He was formerly an Associate Research Professor at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and resident National Consultant on Governance for the United Nations Development Programme, Abuja.

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